This is the home site of Matt Knox, a programmer in New York City. I hack lisp/scheme, rails, and a few other languages for fun and profit. When in my copious spare time I update this page, it will contain essays, code, and possibly other media. For now, this is it. If you need to get in contact with me, the most reliable way in via my gmail account: Far more rarely, I check my mail at yahoo: You can also take a chance at calling me: 917-355-6517, but I am almost always working, so I am unlikely to be able to talk long.

kombucha I make with carmen


legbreaker links


multiple monitor setup

the things they carry


you gotta love nyc

links to small-footprint lisps

Why Lisp?

temporary lisp-on-lines download

William Manegold's notes on Startup School

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